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@TheKaranPatel - Selfie…Like you guys wanted..!! #YehHaiMohabbatein…. We love our fans. Thankyou for all the love n support

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Thank you, Mr. Gol- Rumplestiltskin, for believing us. I know that time travel is hard to swallow. Not as hard as the other mystery you’ve presented me.

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me: *sniffs air*
me: ah september
me: the time where bugs die
me: and tv shows gradually return from hiatus
me: aaah
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Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Extended + with TIMELINE  (no error)by: MixSoucers

  • Please don’t download this and repass in your blog, because it is ugly! This photoshop is amazing and contains all adjustments you need for edit, including the option timeline for convert the gifs. And the installation is normal. I hope you enjoy and never forget: Like/Reblog in this post!  DropBox

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"I will never love again"

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Love is for the brave, the cowards are wed by their mothers.
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I know that you’re confused about who you are, so I’m going to tell you…

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"If you work hard then eventually good things happen. At the end of the day it’s only a film. Whether it’s a relationship, a job or marriage there’s always a place to move on. That’s my attitude. Be a fighter or you’ll get screwed!" - Sonam Kapoor

"I hate that attitude of people who believe you are a circus animal and they can take your pictures from any angle they want. Then there are people who float stuff about your personal life. But I guess, you have to get used to it." - Fawad Khan 

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First Date Jitters: Calling all Captain Swan fans, this one’s for you! Now that the obstacles between Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) have finally vanished, it’s time to watch the chemistry-charged couple experience some adorable firsts. “Captain Swan fans…

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